Steve Noxx presents Quartermass

April 29th, 2013 | By

Michael-Lee Collard and Steve Noxx formed Quartermass and recorded their debut four track EP – Kaput! in their Cardiff (Wales/UK) based studio. Kaput!, combines original vocals, synths and guitars with lashings of big electronic beats and filthy bass (listen below).

Quartermass - Michael-Lee Collard & Steve NoxxProducer Steve Noxx said: “We wanted to create an original sound that would appeal to a festival crowd and global dance floors alike. Electronic dance music, electro, indie, pop and rock are being combined in events like Ibiza Rocks and we love it, so it seems the perfect time to be launching something like Quartermass.”


Vocalist and guitarist Michael-Lee Collard said: “The idea to form came about after discussing our influences, and basically what we are into. Steve and I do share similar tastes, but have performed music in the past that could be considered poles apart. Our influences are diverse and we wanted to reflect that in the music. We love film scores and advert music so that naturally came into our compositions. We wanted to make something deeper than the norm.”

Quartermass’s influences for ‘Kaput!’ included Joy Division, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Castles, Unkle and Gorillaz.

“Bankrupt”, a heavyweight in-your-face song with foundation shaking beats, bass and pissed off vocals. Guitars, synths and a drum machine – start as we mean to go on!

“Push Delete”, is all about big trippy drums and distorted synths, with an understated laidback vocal.

“Don’t Kick Out” features layered guitars with synthesized beats and a huge distorted bass guitar. The vocals complete this track with full on attitude.

“Losing My Soul” finishes off the EP in style. It’s crafted around a filthy pitch bending electro bassline with a really catchy vocal chorus based on abject themes displayed in the lyrics.

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